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Besides guitar lessons there are a great many resources available online that could help you to improve you guitar playing. Here we have listed a couple of the very best guitar resources for you to download and use straight away.
Handbook for the busker

The Buskers Bible

  • An audio MP3 version of the ‘The Busker’s Bible’ ebook
  • Best Busking Hot Spots Throughout Europe
  • Best Busking Hot Spots Throughout Australia
  • 100 Best Crowd Attracting, Money Making Busking Songs
  • Facebook for Buskers - 50 Content Ideas For Your Facebook Fanpage.
  • The Busker’s Bible - The Art Of Successful Busking For Fun and Profit
    will give you just about everything you need
    The Buskers Bible


    E Book - Ideas for the Modern Guitarist

    Ideas For The Modern Guitarist

  • Alternate Picking Sequences on one string, two strings, all six strings, arpeggios, pentatonics, ideas and phrases and hybrid picking
  • Legato Legato with scales, legato and picking, pentatonic legato, arpeggios with string skipping, stretching and stretch arpeggios.
  • Sweep Picking Sweep Picking from 2-6 strings, sweeping and Modes, arpeggios and scales, economy picking, ideas and phrases and finger sweeps.
  • Tapping Tapping scales, pentatonics, arpeggios, using various fingers for tapping and taping with string skips.
  • E Book with over 300 pages, 350 videos and more then 200 audio files...Modern Guitarist



    Dream sounds to use when playing your guitar

    Dream Sounds for Guitar

    Some tricks you could use to sound terrific playing your guitar. From Eric Johnson to The Beatles, from Eddie Van Halen to Eric Clapton the understanding is there. Jimmy Hendrix, Satriani, Stevie and Jimmie Ray Vaughn, Greenday, U2's The Edge, to Coldplay's inspiring riffs and arrangements. All these guitarist knew how to let their guitar sound just great.

    With Dream Sound for Guitar you can make a start to let your guitar sound like you always wanted it to sound, just great.....Dream Sound for Guitar


    Join guitar scale mastery for 3 years

    Guitar Scale Mastery

    For a small fee you could get you a 3 year membership for Guitar Scale Mastery Most scale learning methods will give you a whole bunch of scale fingerings. Then they leave you to it. This just does not work, most of us need some extra help!.... Guitar Scale Mastery


    The secret to speed up your guitar playing

    Guitar Speed Secret

    The Essential Guide to Guitar Virtuosity is a jam-packed book that teaches everything that you could ever want to know about playing lightning fast leads!

    This guide is not your typical guitar instructional ebook. It is not a theory book, or how to build guitar solos from scales, rather it is a guitar exercise training ebook.

    Download The Essential Guide to Guitar Virtuosity


    Use Quickbeat to jam with a drummer

    Jam With a Drummer

    Playing on your own can be very nice, but sometimes you just would like to jam with someone else, but there may be no one around. A good solution for this problem is the program "Quickbeat" a program you can use to jam with a drummer....Download Quickbeat


    Download Pitch Master Pro

    Pitch Master Pro

    Have you ever witnessed a performing musician who seems to know, as if by instinct, exactly the right notes to play over an improvised chord progression? They make it look like the solo or melody they just played was something they had rehearsed a thousands times before. But what most of the onlookers don't realize is that this musician was using the skill of relative pitch to hear what notes needed to be played. There is even a term for this uncanny ability among musicians.. playing by ear.

    Download Pitch Master Pro


    Download Pure Pitch

    Pure Pitch

    The Pure Pitch Method uses an innovative approach to ear training. It works by using powerful exercises which train both relative and absolute pitch at the same time. And by employing a revolutionary method called audiation the student is able to start hearing notes in their mind and connecting them to note names.

    You could also master pitch recognition in about 6 weeks.

    Download Pure Pitch


    Learn to play slap bass guitar

    Slap Bass Guitar

    FunkyChops is designed to let you learn to play slap bass guitar in a simple manner

  • Slap your bass with FunkyChops
  • Designed for beginner to pro
  • No tab or boring theory
  • 101 riffs at 3 speeds
  • Download Slap Bass


    Slow down guitar solo's for easy guitar learning

    Riffmaster Pro

    Slow Down Guitar Solo

    To learn any difficult piece of music you must be able to hear all the notes and the way the musician plays the notes.

    Slow down those blistering solos so you can pick out each note and nail it. You can gradually build up speed till you are just as fast as your favorite player.

    Download Riff Master Pro

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